The role of women in society is changing at the rate of climate change at the moment. And, just like the angry weather we seem to experience on a regular basis, there are a lot of angry women around at the moment.

Women are leading consciousness today in a way they never have before. The difference is in the past women were asking for permission and now perhaps they have decided to wait no longer.

But it comes at a cost. Women have long felt guilt at the idea of being out of the house when their children are little. But as women trying to create work-life harmony for career women chicago il to feel this so-called guilt is a luxury.

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Many women return to the workforce out of necessity. There simply is not a choice, they need to go back to work because of the economics of their home situation. Creating a work-life balance is, therefore, a necessity for many women who are truly managing the home and the job. Working out what happens after school ends when work has not yet ended, or who will be there when a child is unable to be at school more often than not falls to women.

It is no wonder that women seek the help and support of other women. Perhaps women who have been successful at managing the balance themselves are looking to specialists who can help with strategies to enhance the balance.

As another year slips towards its last quarter, the number of women who have decided to be silent no longer increases daily. Were all women to vote, they could decide every election issue without recourse to the men in the world. No wonder men are scared of powerful women.