About the best example that can be given in making good use of belt buckles and the belts that will be supporting them will be the gruesome sport of boxing. It is gruesome because professional boxing in all its categories still has all its dangers and controversies. One of the biggest controversies about this blood sport is that the prize fighters continue to mash each other to a pulp without protective head gear.

custom belt buckles

The irony of this is that, even so, the boxers, and kick boxers too, are given specially prepared gloves that give them more force and shock in their knockout deliveries. Speaking of prize fighters, the ultimate achievement for any fighter no matter what his weight category is to win his association’s world championship. And in recognition of that achievement, he is given a glittering gold belt encrusted with other fine jewels.

These belts have specially prepared custom belt buckles placed in the center. They are usually large and extravagant. The association’s crest and the event is recorded for all eternity. Of course, it becomes hugely impractical to wear these belts for everyday purposes, but it is worn on those special occasions when the proud boxer is honored for his achievement. Oh, and that is another thing.

Depending on the prestige and financial standing of the boxing association, the prize money for winning a title can be quite generous. There have been many cases of boxers blowing it all on luxuries but one thing remains, the boxer’s title winning belt, taking pride of place in the home somewhere. Instead of awarding trophies and medals, prize belts and buckles can be prepared for other sporting events.

Fishing seems to be a good arena to try out. And has it not already been done?